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Nandrolone or deca durabolin has been around since 1962 as a prescription medication, later on the global pharmaceutical company, Organon branded nandrolone deca durabolin. Which is structurally similar to testosterone.


Deca soon became one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the market. Since the inception of Deca durabolin, the steroid has been used medically in the treatment of conditions such as weight loss due to illness, osteoporosis for its ability to build bone density, post operative in preserving lean body weight, burn victims and anemia. More recently deca has been used to treat patients with HIV and other body wasting disorders. Deca  durabolin by Organon is still widely available today both as a legitimate medicine and available on the black market due to its popularity for the accumulation of lean muscle tissue. Deca has been a favourite for body builders in the classical era in the 1960s / 1970s for body builders; Frank zane, Sergio oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger for its ability in increasing strength and lean muscle mass without promoting to much water retention.


Deca is and will always be a favourite amongst body builders either during the off season in combination with testosterone, for bulking or when a more lean look to the physique is required in combination with other cutting anabolic steroids like trenbolone, Primobolan and Winstrol. It is important when taking deca that nandrolone will shut the users own endogenous testosterone production down quite quickly owing to its low androgen profile, so it is advised that athletes take some form of testostorone with deca i.e sustanon 250 and implementing PCT after any use of steroids, Deca durabolin is usually well tolerated and is not without side affects, it will build quality muscle tissue and is also noted for the relief of joint pain, many users of deca have found that joints which were once aching like the wrists, knees and elbows, pains have disappeared within a few days of taking deca. Which is a welcome relief especially when trying to gain muscle and lift heavier poundages in the gym.


Many bodybuilders have used deca in small amounts whilst cycling other compounds for its joint pain relieving traits, as deca has a lubricating effect on the joints, the muscle gain from deca is of quality and much of the new muscle acquired can be kept providing a sound nutritional programme is maintained and training with the addition of correct PCT agents after the cycle.


The testosterone suppression that can occur after taking compounds such as deca and trenbolone can be rectified by having periods of time off to restore hormonal balance within the body, and cycle lengths of 8-12 weeks in duration. Moreover deca has the ability to supress libido because of its low androgenic qualities and used without a good based androgen compound like sustanon 250. Purchasing deca from online anabolic sources is vital as it is one of the most widely used steroids in the world, and counterfeited a lot. Legitimate online companies of pharmaceutical quality are trusted but expensive, (UGL’s) or underground laboratory forms of deca are less expensive and of unknown quality. So purchase deca from an online source that guarantees quality anabolics with an excellent reputation. A classice deca dbol stack said to be a favourite of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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