Buying Growth Hormone (HGH)

HGH was approved for use by the FDA in 1985 for HGH deficency and short stature seen in adolescence or other idiopathic (unknown causes) and other genetic disorders affecting growth, which could be caused by many other medical conditions including;

-       Turner syndrome
-       Muscle wasting diseases HIV/AIDS
-       Prader-willi (Syndrome where nutrients are poorly absorbed owing to GI-tract disturbance or removal of some part of the bowel)

Many people consider Growth Hormone to be the HOLY GRAIL of anabolics. Capable of amazing things.

Growth hormone is produced by an endocrine gland called the pituitary gland in the brain.

In adolescence growth hormone is highly abundant circulating around our body’s and is responsible for many anabolic processes; growth and repair as part of our circadian rhythm, maintaining our sleep wake cycle. HGH therapy is often given to adolescent children that are suffering from short stature and are deficient in growth hormone.

Growth hormone helps promote connective tissue, and tendon strengthening, therefore reducing the risk of injury when training heavy. Altough banned by athletic federations, GH is a firm favourite with many athletes, as the drug cannot be picked up in a regular doping test in the urine of standard testing procedures. However it can be picked up in a more extensive blood test, but this is often to costly and impractical to perfrom on a large scale.
Until a more effective method of testing requiring urinalysis, HGH therapy will remain number 1, and highly used where drug testing is prevalent.

Growth hormone also increases the cell numbers where as anabolic steroids increases cell size/volume. Growth hormone has a profound effect on our immune system as we become older circulating growth hormone decreases and with declining levels of growth hormone and testosterone our body’s tissue begins to age. The benefits of taking growth hormone are obvious; strengthening of bone cartilage and connective tissues which would decrease the chance of training injuries. Also the repairing of old injuries which increases the users overall lifting ability there is no wonder it is a favorite compound with athletes, bodybuilders, celebrities (e.g. Sylvester Stallone) everywhere. Other benefits of growth hormone therapy are a substantial and noticeable reduction in body fat due to stimulation of triglyceride hydrolysis in adipose tissue. A breakdown of stored glycogen and body fat as a primary source of stored energy which is used for fuel. Growth hormone when combined with other steroids and fat burning compounds like T3, T4, T5 and Clenbuterol will dramatically enhance the fat burning effects.
When purchasing growth hormone the user must be careful as it is a widely counterfeited product owing to the expense of buying quality Growth Hormone peptides. Always check that it is Pharmaceutical grade and be wary of some of the mass produced fake GH products from China. For this reason always make sure you purchase growth hormone peptides and anabolic steroids from a  trusted company. It is advised you consultant a physician before using any hormone or anabolic steroid before using. Care should be taken when purchasing growth hormone.

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