Buying Primobolan

Primobolan is manufactured by a Pharmaceutical company called Schering in West Germany. The oral form of Primobolan is very fast acting, and designed for oral administration. Primobolan is a non C17 alpha alkylated oral steroid and therefore presents mild/limited liver toxicity for the user. As an anabolic steroid Primobolan has been prescribed for treating osteoporosis, sarcopenia and body wasting disorders that have occurred after major operations or illness. Also used as a lean tissue building agent, or taken for the loss of muscle mass associated with ageing.


Primobolan is noted for its mild nature, highly anabolic and low androgenic qualities, with no estrogenic properties. With very few side effects, thus making Primobolan a favorite for athletes or bodybuilders concerned with building lean muscle tissue and vascularity. Considered one of the most potent lipolitic (Fat burning) steroids out there. Making Primobolan a must for pre contest training bodybuilders.


Gynacomastia (Breast tissue enlargement) should not be a concern whilst taking Primobolan neither should any appreciable water retention when taking this steroid. Blood pressure should not elevate to much either as elevations in BP generally are associated with estrogenic side effects such as water retention.


Primobolan should be taken when quality muscle gains are the shear objective not mass. Due to the mild nature of this steroid it is acceptable for women to take when taken at low doses, and young adults starting out on the road to anabolic usage.

However side effects can occur when taken in high amounts such as; oily skin,  it may also aggravate male pattern baldnes, and women are warned of potential virilising effects including deepening of the voice, growth of the genetalia and increased facial hair/ body growth. That being said Primobolan is very well tolerated and a safe anabolic, and women often find this preparation an acceptable choice to take.


Primobolan can come in two forms; Primobolan depot (Injectable), injectable preparations are known to cause pain on administration and can irritate the soft tissues, or Primobolan acetate tablets (Oral). Due to the rapid metabolism of Primobolan acetate it is also recommended that larger doses are taken to increase blood concentrations of the drug in the body.  


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