Buying Steroids

Before buying anabolic steroids it is important to find out the law in the country you reside in. For example in the United States, simply being in possession of steroids could land you in trouble with the authorities. Conversely anabolic steroids are legal to take and possess in many other countries, and some of these countries include Pakistan, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Sri Lanka, where they can be bought legally in pharmacies. This however does not mean that the anabolic steroids that you are purchasing in these countries are necessarily genuine. For example in Thailand, another country where steroids can be purchased over the counter legitimately, there are many counterfeit steroids for sale, copies of copies if you like, which the sales person will openly ask if you would like the genuine brand or the counterfeit of the anabolic steroid. This is why when purchasing anabolic steroids it is vitally important that you find a genuine supplier of these products and that they are not too overpriced too
When you Buy steroids from trusted online anabolic suppliers that assure you with 100% pharmaceutical grade products that can be purchased through secure payment options, like paying by credit card or paypal, where you are protected against fraud and your privacy assured. When deciding to take anabolic steroids it is important to choose the right compounds, how long to use them for and in which combinations, after all these complex powerful hormones when taken can have a profound effect on our physiology and endocrine system. Therefore care needs to be taken if the user chooses to take these hormones. When purchasing anabolic steroids, the buyer should check the quality of the packaging for example, does the product have a product or batch code? are there tamper proof labels and unique security holograms present? Are the anabolic steroids 100% pharmaceutical grade and have they been manufactured in a GMP ISO 9001:2000 facility which is DSHEA and THMPD compliant? These products are often counterfeited because they work. In these times with exposure to so many counterfeit anabolic steroids on the market it is harder to find real genuine products from approved online sources with secure online payment methods. Purchasing anabolic steroids from your local gym is an option but do you really know what you’re getting? Has the product been made in sterile conditions? Probably not
,and probably another underground lab of under-dosed anabolic steroid is a strong possibility. The use of anabolic steroids needs to be taken seriously as the hormones can be toxic, especially if taken in high doses. When a person decides to take an exogenous (outside) source of testosterone this can cause a drop in endogenous testosterone (your own natural production of testosterone). In other words when taking an outside source of testosterone our body reacts by reducing our own testosterone via a negative feedback system. Suppression of our own testosterone production can be temporary or more permanent, most of the time a users hormone levels recover especially if PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is taken correctly and a rest period adhered to. This is why careful thought needs to be taken when taking a steroid cycle and making sure that the dosage and duration are not too long and or excessive. 
When taking testosterone and other anabolic steroids such as Deca or Trenbolone in particular, which are derivatives of testosterone, this can cause a condition known as testicular atrophy or hypogonadism, which is normally a temporary condition of testicular shrinkage which recovers when agents such as Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) are taken which instructs the leydig cells to produce testosterone in the testes and HCG (Human chorionic gonadtrophin) an agent which kickstarts the production of testosterone via the HPGA Axis (Hypothalmic pituitary gonadal Axis)