Buying Sustanon

Sustanon is a multi-esterfied blend of testosterone, propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate. The pharmaceutical company Organon developed Sustanon to give a fast acting plus long acting effects of the hormone to prolong its therapeutic effects in the body. Used for the treatment of HRT hormone replacement therapy in men, it was thought that this compound suits the user because of the various esters, varying rates of release, but the distribution of the hormone levels in the body were uneven and consequently more users reported side effects including increased fat deposition, water retention, oily skin, acne and a loss of libido.

Sustanon 250 to some people is the ultimate in anabolics and tolerate the steroid well. Other sensitive individuals find it less effective but because the relatively fast acting nature of the testosterone derived steroid, many users prefer the speed in which this testosterone derived anabolic exerts its effects over others, such as Testosterone cypionate or enanthate making it a favorite off season base compound, ideal for bodybuilders trying to gain bulk fast.

When taking Sustanon 250 user should be aware that a few side effects can occur such as increased BP and a tendency to a ve- effect on cholesterol levels, acne, male pattern baldness, inhibition of endogenous testosterone production and virilization in woman, these are just some of the potential side effects. Anti-estrogens could be used to offset  some of the potential side effects associated with certain steroids, but these could also have negative effects on blood lipids.

Purchasing Sustanon 250 can be tricky and is still available in some countries under the prescription of a physician. There is plenty of Sustanon available on the black market and produced by underground labs. Make sure when purchasing this steroid it is through a legitimate source.


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