Buying Testosterone Cypionate  

Testosterone Cypionate originally appeared in the 1950’s and developed by the pharmaceutical company UpJohn, early uses of Testosterone Cypionate included increasing muscle mass and the treatment of osteoporosis. Similar to testosterone enanthate in its therapeutic action. Cypionate lasts up to 2 weeks in the system.

Testosterone Cypionate has been used medically for the treatment of androgen insufficiency (HRT) and still sold today by the company UpJohn.

Bodybuilders particularly like the long lasting half life of this steroid which allows for a less frequent injection schedule, Testosterone Cypionate is considered good for building mass, however many users report injection site pain due to the cyponoic acid which causes irritation and pain at the point of administration.

Like other anabolic steroids Testosterone Cypionate can adversely effect endogenous testosterone production especially when used at high does of a 1000mg plus for long periods of time, increased blood pressure, water retention and Gynacomastia due to cypionates conversion to estrogen.


Testosterone Cypionate has been used extensively in bodybuilding in recent years, users taking in excess of up to 1000mg per week, bodybuilders or strength athletes adopt a more is better attitude, but this amount of steroid could eventually lead to cardiovascular and circulatory problems later on.

For the treatment of androgen insufficiency (Low Testosterone Levels) a dose of 50 to 300mg’s as a guideline.

For bodybuilders seeking effective performance enhancement, a dose of 300 to 600mg’s is administered per week; however 2000+mg’s per week is not uncommon. The price of Cypionate can vary, but a 10ml bottle can be acquired for as little as 20 – 30 dollars on the black market, but buyer beware as many underground laboratories produce this agent, and quality, dosing and its sterility cannot be verified, but single ampoules of Testosterone Cypionate are priced anywhere from 5 – 20 dollars. Buy from a trusted source online, consult a physician before use and if side effects like chest pains, or shortness of breath occur, cease use.