Trenbolone is 19 Nor derived steroid or progestin, Trenbolone is considerably more anabolic/androgenic than testosterone milligram for milligram.Which is up to 5x stronger than testosterone and is capable of huge increases in lean muscle tissue accumilation and vascularity. Due to the strength of trenbolone, the user can expect to see a rapid reduction in abdominal and visceral fat, and these effects become apparent very quickly.


A versatile compound, Trenbolone can be used with Testosterone to illicit huge gains in muscle mass and power, or by off season bodybuilders, or on its own by novices or bodybuilders starting out, provided the dose is relatively low, due to its potency and strength.


Unfortunately when buying Trenbolone some individuals can be prone to side effects because of its strength, but these can be moderate and prevented if dose related and taken carefully.


Trenbolone can inhibit Testosterone production via HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Gonadal Axis), and can cause acne and liver toxicity, adversely affecting lipid profiles and aggression. Females are advised against taking Trenbolone due to the strong nature of the compound and its virilising effects. Due to the popularity of trenbolone many counterfeits of this product exists in the market so care should be taken, but when purchased from a legitimate source direct, it is more expensive but you are assured of a genuine quality product. The optimum administered dose of trenbolone should be between 75–250mg daily.


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