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Turinabol is structurally a cross between Dianabol (methandrostenolone) and clostebol. This agent is similar to Dianabol, a highly anabolic steroid which will display very little androgenic activity when compared to its more famous cousin Dianabol. Owing to the balanced nature of the Turinabol being both androgenic and anabolic it has a pronounced level of muscle building qualities. Turinabol first released on the market by the Pharmaceutical company Jena, in Germany where it became available on prescription under the name oral Turinabol in east Germany.


Originally released in 1 and 5 mg tablets, Turinabol was medically used in building and preservation of lean muscle tissue and bone mass, in the 1990’s Turinabol became infamous, as information leaked out of east Germany as to the aggressive use of anabolic steroids, notably Turinabol.

Turinabol was being used in the Olympics because of the undetectable nature of the compound at that time.It was being given to the unwitting German team, who were told it was vitamins and given to by their coaches, in a twist that surprised everyone East Germany absolutely wiped the floor with their hated West German rivals. The success of the East German team in the Olympics was a resounding triumph and destroyed the competition breaking numerous world records. For a small country the East Germans absolutely dominated world sport at multiple events. No similarly sized country before or since has ever come close to emulating the dominant influence which East Germany exerted, across sports including Track and Field, Swimming and Weightlifting.


Jenapharm later discontinued oral Turinabol in 1994, today the agent is still available by export and underground suppliers, be careful when purchasing Turinabol as there are limited supplies of the steroid, Buy from a legitimate supplier of oral anabolics and be weary of underground preparations of this anabolic steroid.


Turinabol is excellent for enhancing athletic ability in sports requiring speed and power, including track and field and contact sports, and a favorite with pre contest body builders where water retention may be a concern for producing a lean look to the physique. Due to the chemical alteration, Turinabol is very well tolerated and is a good choice for novice bodybuilders, and females on a lower dose starting out on a steroid cycle.


6-8 weeks is the recommended cycle length, suppression of endogenous production can occur in favor of lowering HDL (Good) and raising LDL (Bad) cholesterol. Before taking any kind of anabolic steroid it is advised to see medical advice before consuming these hormones.


Purchase oral Turinabol from a quality online supplier, check holographic stickers on packaging for authenticity to deter counterfeits.


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