Genetrope H-191™

Why use Genetrope H-191?

  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Enhance recovery / increasing energy stamina and vitality.
  • Increased protein synthesis and reduce catabolic break down;
  • RAPID reduction in abdominal and visceral body fat;
  • Enhance utilization of carbohydrates fats; break down of nutrients for production of energy:
  • Increased sexual desire and performance
  • Stealth shipping in PHARMACEUTICAL protective tamper proof pouches



Product Description

Genetrope H-191™ Manufactured by Elite Anabolic Labs is a 100% pure pharmaceutical grade. Taking Genetrope H-191 can have significant health benefits increasing serum IGF and HGH levels in the body which can aid in connective tissue and bone regeneration (osteogenesis), this equates to faster healing processes which makes you less susceptible to injuries associated with heavy training, tendons ligaments, and muscles become stronger and heal faster.

Past injuries to connective tissue structures such as torn tendons and ligaments due to possible over training will heal and regrow to enable continued results in your sporting endeavors. HGH has been known as the fountain of youth owing to the rapid assimilation of this powerful orally active anterior pituitary HGH releaser, you will feel it’s positive action almost instantaneously.

It’s anti-ageing properties means that it will improve your mood and sleep patterns and thus increasing your stamina and vitality and elevate your immune function. The remarkable fat burning effects of this product will be pronounced very quickly you will become leaner, more muscular and more energetic. Your physical appearance will actually appear as though your getting younger. HGH was previously only accessible for the wealthy elite, but not anymore, this potent GH elixir and holy grail of anabolics is now available for everyone.

This orally active formula has been manufactured in a licensed GMP ISO 9001:2000 Facility which is DSHEA and THMPD compliant which has been lab verified at over 99.9% purity and scientifically formulated GH, dosed correctly for maximum effectiveness!

Genetrope H-191™ is very different from Chinese HGH, much of the generic HGH produced in China, is made from the more inexpensive 177-192 fragment. Due to cheaper active ingredient and manufacturing costs, and because the manufacturing and licensing of medicine is so strictly governed in China, there are only 5 Pharmaceutical companies one of them being Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co., Ltd. legitimately producing HGH legally with a SFDA GMP license.  However underground laboratories produce the vast majority of HGH without licensing, for export destined for the black market. HGH is often counterfeited and is substituted with the very inexpensive HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Powder), which results in huge profits for the companies making these products due to the cheaper production and increased profit sales. Chinese generic red, green, grey and blue tops are sold under a variety of company names, such as Hygetropin and Jintropin, they are produced by several different companies using the Hygetropin and Jintropin name, who do not have the legal licensing to manufacture these HGH products. These HGH products have also been found to contain traces of (heavy metals), and contain little to no active ingredient at all. Moreover due to the delicate nature of the DNA bonds, which form the structure of HGH, are extremely sensitive to temperatures where the peptide should be kept at 2-8°c. Otherwise the strength and potency can diminish rapidly rendering the GH useless. This occurs during transit from overseas where the GH is stored at the improper temperature. Unlike much of the HGH available in the market place today, which is often under dosed, and tainted with microbial impurities such as cyanamide, dicyandiamide, and dihydrotriazine, due to inappropriate and unsterile manufacturing environments, which are produced by unqualified personnel. Genetrope GH-191 is not like these HGH products, and you are assured of a powerful quality correctly dosed pharmaceutical grade product.

Genetrope H-191™ is rapidly absorbed and its high-grade bioavailability allows the GH to be rapidly digested and utilized by the body to give its positive effects through oral administration and active mechanisms triggering HGH release via the anterior pituitary gland increasing ANABOLISM and reduce CATABOLIC BREAKDOWN.

Genetrope GH™   100% pharmaceutical grade