Methd-anabol 25™

Why use Methd-anabol 25  (Metandrostenolone)?

  • RAPID absorption
  • Increased utilization and bioavailability
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • HUGE increases in SIZE and STRENGTH
  • PHARMACEUTICAL grade product
  • Stealth shipping in PHARMACEUTICAL protective tamper proof pouches



Product Description

Methd-anabol 25™  is often recognized as one of the original BEST ORAL ANABOLIC COMPOUNDS. Similar to Oxymethdrol 50 and used for GAINING SIZE and STRENGTH in a matter of weeks. Users of this compound find that this anabolic is very versatile. Methd-anabol 25 is excellent when used alone, or in a first cycle taken by novices, an excellent anabolic compound in its own right and a great inception to the anabolic world.

Suggested use by ELITE ANABOLIC:

  • Methd-anabol 25 can be used as a great first cycle for the beginner;
  • Use Methd-anabol 25 with Susta-250 or Nandrodec 300 for a classic MASS building cycle;
  • Use Methd-anabol 25 with Boldace 200, Avar 15 or Win-V20 for a LEAN MASS building cycle with minimal water retention;
  • Use Methd-anabol 25 as a base compound with any of the Elite Anabolic range for a SYNERGISTIC effect of anabolic compounds for MASSIVE GAINS
  • Can be used in a cycle as a great anabolic compound on it’s own.