Nandrodec 300™

Why use Nandrodec 300 (Nandralone)?

  • Minimal water retention
  • Lean quality gains
  • Accumulative effects combine with other oral anabolic compounds
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • HUGE increase in strength
  • Rapid assimilation
  • Stealth shipping in PHARMACEUTICAL protective tamper proof pouches



Product Description

Nandrodec 300™ has made it to be one of the most popular oral compounds, which Elite Anabolic has developed. This potent oral anabolic Nandrodec 300 is a favourite for athletes, strength trainers and bodybuilders for its ability to promote significant strength and lean muscle mass with very little water retention, lean muscle gains with little to no side effects. Nandrodec 300 is excellent for its ability to alleviate joint pain and one of the few oral anabolics known for it’s bone density building qualities. Nandrodec 300 is a potent oral anabolic compound, which works well in any cycle or in a stack, or as a stand alone compound.

Suggested use by ELITE ANABOLIC:

  • Due to the mild nature of Nandrodec 300, this oral anabolic can be used for an extended period of (8-10 weeks) which substantially increases lean quality muscle gains.
  • Stacks well with other oral anabolics including Susta-250, Methd-anabol 25, Boldace 200, Primostane 100, Win V-20