Oxyhdrol 50™

Why use OXYHDROL 50  (Oxymethalone)?

  • Increased utilization and bioavailability
  • Huge gains in size and strength
  • Rapid change in body recomposition
  • Increase protein synthesis
  • STRONGEST oral anabolic commercially available
  • 50 mg tablets
  • Increase recovery rate
  • Increase lean body mass
  • Pharmaceutical grade product
  • Stealth shipping in PHARMACEUTICAL protective tamper proof pouches



Product Description

Oxyhdrol 50™ is by far the most potent and strongest steroidal compound that Elite Anabolic Labs have manufactured to date. Its effects on our physiology are rapid and outstanding due to the products powerful pharmacological action .The growth and weight gained are nothing short of staggering. Its biological mechanisms exerts its effects by increasing intracellular fluid within the muscle cells, the resulting increase in cytoplasmic cellular volume (water) within the muscle cells   has an effect tenfold. Firstly by increasing muscle mass and the extra water gained on a cycle, naturally protects/aids and increase the leverage in and around the joints necessary for increasing strength and the body’s ability to recover from those gruelling heavy workouts. As your strength increases so quickly on Oxymethdrol 50, this to can take its toll on the strength trainers joints and connective tissue owing to the rapid and regular poundage increases which are seen in the gym, when taking this oral anabolic. This results in a significant gain in lifting power and body mass, seen in such a short period of time. With only a slight loss of definition to the users muscularity, it is a small price to pay for such huge increases in strength, shear muscle density, recovery and joint relief.

This is considered one of the strongest oral compounds on the planet for providing SUPERIOR GAINS in both SIZE and STRENGTH

This compound will make you not only very big but very lean too. Unrivalled in its strength OXYHDROL 50™ will pack on mass and strength gains like no other oral anabolic commercially available. At such a high dose per tablet OXYHDROL 50 ™ is designed to cause the maximum amount of gains with little to know side effects.

Suggested use by ELITE ANABOLIC

  • OXYHDROL 50 makes an excellent base compound in any cycle and can be taken alone for 6 to 8 weeks owing to the strong nature of the product;
  • OXYHDROL 50 is excellent when taken in conjunction with, Trenace – 100, Boldace 200, Susta-250, Methd-anabol 25 for increasing SIZE and STRENGTH;
  • OXYHDROL 50 is excellent when taken in combined with Avar 15, Win V-20, Primostane 100, or Trenace 100 for LEAN MASS.
  • Excellent for use for power lifters and strength athletes;
  • Or those wanting to gain weight and strength quickly a 15-25 pounds increase on lifts is not uncommon in a short period of time.