Primostane – 100™

Why use Primostane 100™ (metenolone)?

  • One of the best lipolytic (fat burning) oral compounds produced
  • Gains can be made on a calorie restricted diet
  • Remarkably low side effects
  • Quality lean mass
  • Extended cycle usage (Due to mild nature of compound)
  • Highly anabolic
  • Noted lean mass builder
  • Pharmaceutical grade product
  • Stealth shipping in pharmaceutical protective tamper proof pouches



Product Description

Primostane – 100™ by Elite Anabolic is one of the best oral anabolic compounds for lean muscle gains. Its ability to burn body fat (lipolysis) is second only to Trenace 100. The difference is whilst being on Primostane – 100 lean muscle can be gained on a calorie restricted diet. The anabolic effects are noticed rapidly when using Primostane – 100 and new muscle formed is solid and lean. Due to the highly anabolic nature of this compound with a concomitant reduction in estrogen users of Primostane – 100 will typically find that they have a drier (no water retention) vascular looking physique, in combination with significant strength gains. On a milligram per milligram basis compared to other oral anabolics very little is needed to illicit great results and Primostane – 100 shows a remarkable lack of side effects. By combining Primostane – 100 with Trenace 100 or Win V-20 you can achieve a ripped looking physique or alternatively combine with Susta-250 or Avar 15 for an excellent lean mass building cycle.

Suggested use by Elite Anabolic:

– Excellent pre contest stack with Win V-20 or Trenace 100 for a dry chiseled looking body

– Combine with Susta-250, Oxymethdrol 50 or Boldeace 200 for a lean mass cycle

– Extended use of this oral anabolic compound can be adopted with significant gains in lean muscle due to the mild anabolic profile of Primostane – 100

– Combine with Tomoxidex 25 (Anti-estrogenic) to decrease extra cellular fluid (water retention) while significantly increasing the hardness to the users physique