Why use Susta-250  (multi-ester 4-Blend Androgen)?

  • Rapid onset / extended duration of active compound (time release)
  • Enhance SEXUAL performance and aspiration
  • Muscle mass
  • INCREASE LBM (Lean Body Mass) and reduce FM (Fat Mass)
  • Excellent oral base anabolic compound
  • Fast assimilation
  • Pronounced effect on mood energy and well being
  • Stealth shipping in PHARMACEUTICAL protective tamper proof pouches



Product Description

Susta-250™ is a specifically formulated by Elite Anabolic to have a TIMED RELEASED ASSIMILATION. Susta-250 has long been the anabolic of choice for bodybuilders and the androgenic compound by which other anabolic compounds have been measured by for building size. This popular anabolic has long been used by body builders in their anabolic stacks/cycles and owing to its versatility and strength, has proved to be at the forefront of bodybuilding for developing MASS and STRENGTH, unquestionably one of the best oral anabolics out there.

When used with other anabolics such as Nandrodec 300 the ratio of anabolic to androgenic quality is more balanced, resulting in a large amount of MUSCLE MASS gained with a minimal amount of water retention. Due to the time-released nature of this compound and the resulting positive effects of this oral anabolic, its therapeutic properties are pronounced both rapidly and for extended duration.

When testosterone levels are elevated the body will be an anabolic state (to build) the opposite of a catabolic state [tissue breakdown] resulting in an increase in protein synthesis and therefore a reduction in protein breakdown, i.e. retaining muscle well when dieting. Therefore the user taking will expect to see an improvement in MUSCLE MASS and an increase in ENHANCED SEXUAL PERFORMANCE / DESIRE.

Suggested use by ELITE ANABOLIC:

  • Used for times of hormonal deficiency (hypogonadism)
  • Excellent oral BASE anabolic-androgen in most cycles
  • Can be used to increase sexual performance and desire
  • Susta-250 combines well with Nandrodec 300 and Methd-anabol 25 for MASS and STRENGTH gains