Why use T34 (Thyro 34)?

  • Rapid assimilation
  • Remarkable fat loss (lipolysis) agent
  • Appetite suppression
  • Highly potent metabolic stimulator
  • Rapid changes in lean body recomposition
  • Markedly increases training intensively
  • Excellent for WEIGTH LOSS
  • Extremely mild/highly potency
  • Suitable for WOMEN and men
  • Increased caloric burning
  • Outstanding FAT LOSS and lean muscle accumulation when combined with other oral anabolics
  • Highly improves focus and concentration



Product Description

T34 (Thyro 34) exerts its powerful effects on our physiology similar to that of T5 (ECA) ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin(stack). A potent CNS (central nervous system) stimulator, triggering the release of powerful natural biological metabolic, hormones. Markedly increasing our metabolic rate and bodies ability to stimulate the breakdown of stored body fat (lipolysis) the resulting FAT LOSS will be REMARKABLE.

Suggested use by ELITE ANABOLIC :

-excellent pre contest cutting agent for notable fat loss reduction

-excellent compound when used alone for dieting

-remarkable increase in metabolic rate and lean muscle mass when staked with Trenace 100, Primostane 100, Win V-20, Susta-250, Avar 15

-use on off cycles alone when not on other oral anabolics to increase  receptor clearance

-can be combined with Susta-250, Oxymethdrol 50, Methd-anabol 25, Turanobol 25 for synergistic effect to building lean body mass bulking

Does not down regulate beta 2 receptors 

T34 is usually very well tolerated.

Possible side effects can occur with this fat loss agent, which may include and are not limited too… increased heart rate and BP, sweaty palms appetite suppression, insomnia or nausea, T34 is best taken early in the morning as the users metabolic rate can be elevated for up to 12 hours.