Why use Tomoxidex 25 (tamoxifen)?

  • For natural elevation of testosterone
  • Mildly anti-estrogenic
  • Reduced extra-cellular fluid
  • Preservation of lean muscle (post cycle)
  • To equalize ratio of hormones in the body i.e. estrogen to testosterone
  • For prevention of potential of side effects during cycle i.e. gynocomastia (breast tissue enlargement)
  • Does not down regulate beta-2 receptors



Product Description

Tomoxidex-25™ is a SERM and an anti-estrogenic compound which exerts its effect on the body similar to Nolvadex naturally increasing testosterone production and thereby decreasing estrogen, predominantly a female hormone responsible for possible side-effects such as water retention and gynecomastia (fatty adipose breast tissue). Tomoxidex 25 is a great compound to use when trying to rebalance the testosterone versus estrogen buildup in the body, or as a maintenance compound to enhance hardening and retention of lean muscle tissue PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

Suggested use by Elite Anabolic

Tomoxidex 25 can be taken mid or post cycle to radically enhance the hardness to the users physique. Take Tomoxidex-25 in sensitive individuals where unwanted estrogenic side-effects are a concern i.e. gynocomastia and water retention.