Win V-20™

Why use Win V-20  (Stanozole)?

  • GRANITE like quality to the physique and increase muscle definition
  • Increase lipolysis  (FAT BURNING)
  • Increase STRENGTH / SPEED
  • Multiple uses in all athletical arenas
  • Improve endurance
  • Stealth shipping in PHARMACEUTICAL protective tamper proof pouches



Product Description

Win V-20™ is a poplar anabolic amongst athletes and bodybuilders. This potent oral compound by Elite Anabolic is known to increase speed and strength, and give an aesthetic quality to the physique like no other, ROCK HARD solid gains. Increased VASCULARITY and DEFINITION with a real granite hardness to the physique.

Suggested use by ELITE ANABOLIC:

  • Can be used as a standalone oral anabolic for definition or strength
  • Excellent oral compound when stacked with Primostane 100 or Trenace 100 for a ripped vascular physique
  • Excellent PRE CONTEST anabolic where water retention is a concern
  • Can be used in the beginning of a cycle for rapid results
  • Excellent for the casual user who wants a lean defined look, when combined with a clean diet and training regime
  • Use with Susta-250 for mass and strength
  • Extended use of Win-V20 for maximum gain is ok for 6-8 weeks owing to the mild nature of the product.
  • Can be used at the end of a bulking /mass building cycle to give a hard look to the physique