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Dianabol also knows as methandrostenolone or methandienone in different parts of the world was first released in the late 1950’s, later on it was given the brand name dianabol by the pharmaceutical company ciba.


One of the most potent oral anabolic steroids produced, this compound quickly became a favourite for bodybuilders, strength athletes everywhere, even the Russian weight lifters were reported to be using this compound to great effect. Later on a favourite in the 60’s and 70’s a classic cycles of deca and dianabol was one of Arnold’s personal preferences. Body Builders quickly enjoyed the rapid gains in size and strength associated with taking this steroid. Due to the small amounts of Dianabol taken mg for mg compared to other compounds, side effects generally were mild and water retention remained relatively low.


Because dianabol is slightly more androgenic versus anabolic in nature than other compounds such as deca, winstrol or primobolan it was used more for adding bulk and gaining strength by a way of increasing intre and extra cellular fluid. These rapid increases in size and strength are seen within days of taking dianabol making it a firm favourite with bodybuilders.


When taking dianabol the benefits to the user are; dramatic gains in size and strength compared to other anabolic steroids mg for mg, effectively combines with testosterone like sustanon-250 for added mass, increased muscular endurance and recovery and also used to enhance the effects of other anabolic steroids at the beginning of a cycle, dianabol equally works well when taken on its own.


The side effects when taking dianabol can include suppression of endogenous testosterone, (hypogonadism) aggravation of existing male pattern baldness, increase in blood pressure, acne, depression, Ve- impact on serum cholesterol, genital enlargement in women. These side affects are not exhaustive but can be limited if other agents are taken such as live 52 or milk thistle at a dose of 1gram a day, this will help the liver to break down  and process the dianabol more effectively.

Reducing the workload on the liver keeping liver enzymatic activity in acceptable levels and decreasing work load on the kidneys, helping detoxify blood and excretion of toxic metabolites when combined with a healthy diet. For enhanced utilization of this compound like all oral anabolic steroids they are best taken on an empty stomach as some of the steroid will be lost as undigested fat in the food, decreasing the body’s absorption of the steroid from the gastrointestinal tract.


Dianabol is still one of the most popular steroids in the world and its availability is everywhere, however be warned it is massively counterfeitted /duplicated and sold on the black market. Make sure when buying dianabol it is purchased from a secure online source which is renowned for its quality anabolic steroids.


Pharmaceutical Dianabol


When buying dianabol remember that real Pharmaceutical Grade dianabol Is hard to find and is more expensive than underground lab products but there is an assurance of quality when made by a legitimate pharmaceutical company that abides by strict codes of manufacturing.


Underground Laboratories


Underground Dianabol can be purchased in abundance and is in plentiful supply and produced by UGL’s, but correct dosing can be an issue, it is often faked, although it is quite cheap to purchase the active ingredient, but it is often underdosed. Dianabol is a very popular steroid and is sold worldwide and produced inexpensively by various illegal UGL’s. These companies are illegaly set up and are criminally funded for profit.

Local dealers or individuals can sell Dianabol for $30-$50 for a 100 tablets. Steroid websites may make you order a minimum amount which could be more costly. 50mg Dianabol tablets sell for as much as $1 per tablet. Order from a trusted online source where no minimum order is required and your assurance of product quality and its arrival is guaranteed!

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